What Is It?

What better way to celebrate Saturday night than with some pumping music and great beats? That’s exactly what you can look forward to from Belarusian progressive artiste, Dmitry Molosh who will be at blueFROG this weekend. Focussing on progressive electronic music, his work includes originals and remixes, all featuring his distinctive sound and modern approach to progressive music.

Who Is It For?

It’s perfect for everyone from music lovers and party goers to anyone who’s up for a spirited weekend with music that’s bound to get you on the dance floor. Even if you’re just hoping to unwind after the work week, this one won’t disappoint you.

Why Should I Go For It?

Following his dream of becoming a DJ {a decision he took at the age of 14, apparently}, Dmitry has worked with international labels and presently has his own radio show, Sound Wisdom {on Proton Radio, USA}. Whether it is the futuristic techniques he uses or the remixes he has created, his distinct sound and style comes through in them all. Considered a mixture of melodic and cosmic progressive, deep and tech house, his tracks feature interesting arrangements. Like, The Path with its snappy and intense beats is perfect as a dance number while Black Dust‘s almost shuddering bass makes for a great listen. We also love Boa for its energy and techno beats.

When: Saturday, July 23

Feature Photo: Dmitry Molosh