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Celebrate The Beauty of An Untouched Sea With These Custom Made Resin Art Pieces

    What Makes It Awesome

    We have all at some point watched a resin art DIY video that motivated us to try resin art, only to lead to its eventual failure. Dr. Resin does the dirty work for you so that you can enjoy the beauty of the remnants. This custom resin art store designs and creates resin art with the intent of exploring the visual representation of human emotions. Their approach to resin art is free-flowing and intuitive and displays a spectrum of colours and textures with the idea of creating numerous layers and dimensions.If you’re tired of ring stains on your tables, they also design coasters at INR 200, so vivid and eye-catching there’s no way your guests will miss it. 

    Dr. Resin also works on phone cases, tabletops, serving trays, bowls and cheese platters, but can cater to your custom needs as well, if these don’t serve your interest. Their most commonly used theme is the ocean and beach vibes. They currently sell off of their Instagram page, so feel free to voice your preferences for a custom order.


    Dr. Resin usually works with oceanic themes, but can custom make any abstract art for you if you have particular colours in mind.