Created For Indian Skin, Get Sunscreen, Protective Mist And Face Cleansers By Dr Sheth


A luxury skincare brand created over three generations, with the Indian skin and its characteristics in mind, Dr Sheth's skincare will take care of daily sunscreen, eye creams and face masks. 

What Makes It Awesome

This brand wins for the fact that they've made products specifically for the Indian skin, using ingredients that suit us. Our current favourite is the Antioxidant Repair Cream made from wheat, berries sugar to keep the skin supple, moist and soft. The limited edition date and quinoa, to get rid of dark circles under the eyes (after binge watching Netflix, of course) also wins our support. Busy bees with not much time for elaborate routines, the Multitasking Miracle Cream should do the trick. With water, shea butter, almond oil, wheat, berry, liquorice extracts and sunflower seeds among others, it will take care of hydration, brightening, anti-aging, oil balance and even acne. Most products are prices INR 400 upwards, and won't quite pinch. But do remember that they're not all natural, and they do have chemicals. 

What Could Be Better

We're not biggest fans of skin brightening products, and many of these feature brightening agents.