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Get Intimate With Drama Queen At Their First Edition Of The Reading Room Sessions

Akshaya posted on 09 December

What Is It?

In light of their first birthday, Drama Queen is creating a very personal interactive-performance piece. Centred around the concept of letters, the theatre company wants patrons to bring in personal letters they’ve sent or received for what they are calling The Reading Room. The atmosphere is meant to encourage sharing without the restrictions of a formal performance atmosphere, breaking the traditional relationship between performers and spectators. A letter can be a very personal thing, so imagine the intensity that comes with sharing one with a whole room full of people you might never see again!

Who Is It For?

You don’t have to be a great speaker or writer for this event — it’s more of a thought/performance experiment, giving small insights into the lives of strangers. If you’re interested in theatre and human interaction in general, this is perfect for you. The whole point is to listen to other's stories, and read and be heard yourself.

Why Should I Go For It?


The art of letter writing is rather on its deathbed, but this seems like a great way to revive it. For those of us who write for a living, it's very encouraging! Letters capture a specific moment in time, and their physicality makes them unalterable, don't you think? Apart from being an eclectic performance act, it’s a great study on how people communicate — both in the public and private sphere. Drama Queen will be sharing a mix of curated letters of their own — about communism, letters from father to son, from war-time eras and even ones penned by literary geniuses. They still have spots open if you want to speak, so don't forget to register and bring along a letter!

When: Sunday, December 11

Where: Antara Collective, No.40, 4th Cross, Judicial Officer's Layout, RMV II Stage, Sanjaynagar

Price: Entry free

Timings: 5.30pm - 7pm

Find the event on Facebook here.

Featured Photo: Drama Queen