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Gatta, Fruit Candy, And Spicy Gulab Jamun Koftas From Dry Curry Love


Shortcut is an online store that brings you a selection of dry foods to try and enjoy. These organic, sun dried products are from traditional Rajasthani and Marwari cuisine. From fruit candy to dried veggies and dumplings to dunk in a curry, there are choices aplenty.

Who Is It For?

Meant for foodies, cooks or chefs, the ingredients offer a regional taste. Plus, the inventory solves your daily problem of what new to cook! All you need to do is to soak or boil and you have something really unique on your plate today.

Must Eat

Besan Gatta  {available in four variations} & Spicy Gulab Jamun {Kofta} for curry

How Was My Experience

This is definitely a new kind of food to try and easy to make. Plus, a nod to regional cuisine gets my approval.