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You Need To Dine At East In Crowne Plaza For Their Steamed Whole Red Snapper Alone!

Ruth posted on 06 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

A lovely ambience, right next to the pool, makes Pan Asian restaurant East a perfect setting for chomping on dim sums, succulent pork ribs and a whole red snapper.

Chow Down

Bok Choy And Shitake Dumplings, Barbeque Pork Ribs, Whole Steamed Snapper in Black Bean Sauce

Sip On

Beer goes best with all the spicy and flavourful dishes here.

Winning For

The whole steamed snapper in black bean sauce is a winner here and the lovely ambience gets bonus points from us. Plus, the concept of dimsum samplers lets you try many kids without having to order many platefuls.

Lowdown On The Ambience

A lovely space just off the swimming pool, open enough to allow the best of Bangalore’s weather to keep you company through your meal and sheltered enough to ensure the elements don’t bother you. A lovely mix of glass lampshades in varying colours and shapes make for a very interesting focal point in the restaurant. This place will soon be shifting location to a much higher spot in the hotel.

You Winsome, You Dimsum

Our meal began with vegetarian and meat dimsum samplers, something that the restaurant is known for in these parts. We tried the Bok Choy and Shiitake Dumplings — a moist casing that had the crunchiness of bok choy combined with the very distinctive taste and texture of shiitake. The crunchy Vegetable Crystal Dumplings and the spicy Vegetable Sichuan Dumplings would be our recommendation from the vegetarian selection. The Chicken Siu Mai and Prawn Hargao, both of which do not scrimp on filling that has been treated subtly, but the hargao could do with a slightly less tougher casing. .

Asia On A Plate

Now if there is one thing on the menu that you must have its the Barbecue Pork Ribs. Done up in a Cantonese style sauce it packs the right amount of spice that makes it perfect for a beer. We also had the Chicken Pho with all the accompaniments being neatly presented alongside. The main bowl makes for a pretty picture with each element having a dedicated space of its own yet looking like the perfect merger. The caramelized crunchy onions are a secret that I want to learn. 

To round up the meal we had the Khao Phat   a spicy Thai Rice with fried shallots, chillies and basil and paired with a Thai green curry Gaeng Keow Wang with chicken. Both, done very well. 

There was one more surprise that was brought out for us and this was when I wished that it had come to the table right at the beginning. The Whole Steamed Snapper in Black Bean SauceAsk the staff to debone it once you are done with all your photo taking, because you will want to whip out your camera for this one; and they present that to you in a lovely manner.

So, We're Thinking...

A meal for two is approximately INR 3,500. The restroom is across the pool. The service is quick and non-instrusive and the space lovely.

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