Ten-second takeaway

Kick off the day with some desi khana with North Indian home-style breakfast of paratha, poha or puri.

Another online food delivery service in the city, EatonGo is not your usual breakfast run. Founded by Udit Saran and Taru Raaj Agrawal, both North Indians, they aim to bring in the taste of the north for those in Bangalore. And we’re not complaining. While we do love our healthy idli and upma, we’re very happy to tuck into some ghee-laden parathas as well. Or some sinful Aloo Puri for that matter. But we digress. It’s not like they’re loading you up with calories and unhealthy food. But just a more solid breakfast which some non-Bangaloreans may be used to.


Taste from home

Backed by financers, including the guys over at Chef Basket, the service is currently available on the website, but is expected to go mobile soon. Ghar ka Nashta includes Gobi Paratha, Kachori Subzi, Chola Kulcha {which we absolutely loved for the fluffy Kulcha and spicy accompaniment} and the quintessential Vada Pav, Channa Puri and Masala Poha. The poha is a great option as its light but filling – just how you want to start the day. Not alienating other tastes, they also have an English breakfast but with a desi twist, so expect bread with omelette and cutlets.

Morning tuck in

If you are into workouts and need a more carb-filled meal, we highly recommend their Royal English breakfast which comprises an omelette, sausages, baked beans, bun, salad, grilled tomato, a muffin and juice, for just INR 200. Fit for a king, eh? Oh, did we mention the Purani Dilli brunch with Amritsari Chole, Latpata Aloo, Khatta Meetha Kaddu, Kachoris, Pooris, Mithai and buttermilk? French toasts, burgers, sandwiches, salads and yoghurts are also on offer. Plus, sinful Oreo or Drunken Banana cakes in a cup.

You can either order for the day {all-day breakfasts are now available too}, or schedule one {or more} deliveries in advance to make your life easier.

Check out their website here to order online.

Price: INR 60 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.