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It's True! Ed Sheeran Is Coming To India This November & We're Going Nuts

Shalvi posted on 10 May

Ten-Second Takeaway

OMG! We’ve kicked the midweek blues far, far away because Ed Sheeran is coming to Mumbai on November 19 {it’s true} and we cannot contain our excitement. Start planning your trip to Mumbai now.

Say Whaaaat?

Guys, relax! We know this is massive news for all the Ed Sheeran fans and so we need everyone to calm down and read this carefully. Ed Sheeran has only just announced nine more cities to his Asia Tour and Mumbai happens to be one of the lucky nine. The ‘Shape Of You’ singer will perform in the city on November 19, and this is literally all that we know so far. The venue details, ticket prices, sales, Ed Sheeran’s intinerary {we sound like stalkers we know} etc. are yet to be announced, so keep your eyes and ears open. We shall keep you in the loop, worry not.

So, We're Saying...

So we’re ‘Thinking Out Loud’ about just how cool might it be to get a ‘Photograph’ with Ed, eh?