You may call them eggs, andas, huevos, mottes or œuf, but you can’t deny how much we depend on this fragile little ingredient. Whether you love it classic poached, scrambled with chilli or decorated with bacon bits, there’s always scope to eggs-periment. So we got eggs-cited and took it upon ourselves to crack the egg trail in the city. No matter when you choose to have them, here’s LBB’s pick of egg dishes that will make you clucking happy!

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Smoke House Deli

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The Egg Factory

Around The World in 80 Eggs

Barely two weeks old, we’re loving the name and the concept of this place. Mixing things up a bit, you can order dishes like Scrambled Eggs with Prawns, Chicken Noodle Omelette or just simple omelettes with bread.

Check out their delivery zones here.

When: Thursday to Sunday, from 12.30pm-3pm and 8pm-10pm

Contact: +91 9900180575

Price: INR 80 upwards

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Check out their website here.

The Egg Factory

try egg factory for egg dishes in bangalore

Source: The Egg Factory

While this is the first and obvious choice, it’s a folly to leave The Egg Factory off such a list. Whether it’s the Spanish style omelette, the desi bhurji or the Not So French Toasts, these guys do it all. They’ve even started Oyako Donburi-style servings which is a single bowl meal. Try the Anda Murgi Kheema which comes with parantha.

Find your nearest The Egg Factory here.

Price: INR 100 upwards

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Check out their website here.

Ande Ka Funda

Started out with the intention of serving up North Indian egg dishes to the student population, these guys have grown to be a favourite across town. They keep it simple with boiled, half-boiled and scrambled part of the menu. Plus a few classic college (or workaholic) staples like Egg Maggi and Bread Omelette.

Find an Ande Ka Funda near you here.

When: 8.30am-10.30pm

Price: INR 10 upwards

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Check out their website here.

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

try a hole lotta love cafe for egg dishes in koramangala

Source: A Hole Lotta Love Cafe

Breakfast plays a very important role at this cutesy café. Naturally, so do eggs. Pick from the OMGlettes that range from salami and sausage-stuffed ones to a mushroom and jalapeño version. Or blindly order the Golden Frittata Mix – a solid four-egg omelette with mushroom, onions, jalapenos, spinach, capsicum, basil and cheese.

Where: 59, diagonally opposite Jyothi Nivas College, Industrial Area, Koramangala 5th Block

When: Tuesday-Friday, 10am-10pm and Saturday-Sunday, 9.30am-5.30pm

Contact: +91 9945602562

Price: INR 500 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

The Hole in the Wall Cafe

try egg dishes at the hole in the wall cafe in koramangala

Source: The Hole in the Wall Cafe

Pretty much the same menu as A Hole Lotta Love, this is the original café. Apart from the breakfasts, we’d kill for their Red, White and Blue omelette which is chicken, bacon, tomato and blue cheese neatly tucked into a two-egg omelette. If that’s not enough, then pick the Pizza Omelette which is a base of four-egg omelettes loaded with pizza topping, cheese, olives and pepperoni.

Where: 4, 8th Main Road, Kormangala 4th Block, near Ooty Chocolates and opposite Cafe Coffee Day

When: Tuesday-Friday, 8am-3pm and 5.30pm-8.30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-3pm

Contact: +91 9900517582

Price: INR 600 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

Smoke House Deli

try egg dishes at the smoke house deli

Source: Smoke House Deli

Skillet fried eggs are the in-house specialty and are smokin’ good with a choice of Bacon, Parmesan and Asparagus or Chorizo and Sausage, among others. But for us, it’s all about the Eggs Benedict here. Fluffy muffins, soft eggs and salmon make us very egg-cited and you should try them pronto if you haven’t already.

Find your nearest Smoke House Deli here.

When: 9am-11pm

Price: INR 1,200 for two

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Check out their website here.

Smally’s Resto Bar

Known for burgers, there’s no reason why you should bother with anything else but The Egg Burger, which is spiced up egg bhurji in buns. Served with potato crisps and a minute side of salad, it’s the best option here and one of the egg burgers we actually approve of.

Find your nearest Smally’s here.

When: Sunday to Thursday from 11am-11pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am-1am

Price: INR 1,000 for two.

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Check out their website here.

Red Fork

try red fork in indiranagar for egg dishes

Source: Red Fork

Yes, their poached, scrambled and omeletted eggs are stellar. But if you’re smart, like us, at this Parsi hotspot, you best order Akuri. Getting it spot on over and over again, you can count on the eggs being just done and never overcooked, with perfect flavours of ginger, masala and pepper. Let’s just say they get it egg-xactly right all the time.

Where: 594, 12th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar

When: Tuesday-Sunday, 9am-11pm

Contact: 080 30752480

Price: INR 800 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Social Offline

try social offline for egg dishes in bangalore

Source: Social Offline

Andas Apna Apna is your best bet here. By the time you are done laughing at the quirky name, the breakfast tray of eggs and toast will be at your table. Pick from all kinds of creations like Railway Station Omelette, Akuri, or even half fry. If you want more than just brekkie, try Anda Shammi. A traditional Shammi kebab with cheese and red onions, stuffed into a pao with two eggs on top of it, it is a great spin on the vada pao.

Find a Social Offline near you here.

When: Sunday-Thursday, 9am-11pm and Friday-Saturday, 9am-1am

Price: INR 750 for two

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

Monkey Bar

try monkey bar in indiranagar for egg dishes

Source: Monkey Bar

Upping the quirk factor as usual, Monkey Bar presents the Aam Admi Eggs. Really though, it isn’t very aam. Crunchy Texas toasts is the base on which chatpata eggs tossed with chillies, tomato, imli and onion seed chutney, come loaded onto. Perfect for a brunch, we think. Or an afternoon snack too.

Where: 610, 12th Main, Indiranagar

When: Sunday to Thursday from noon-11.15pm and Friday and Saturday from 9am-1am

Contact: 080 44114455

Price: INR 1,500 for two.

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here.

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