Kurumba Village Resort Is Serene, Beautiful & Perfect For A Long Weekend

    What Did I Like?

    Coonor's serenity is well showcased at Nature Resorts' - Kurumba Village Resort. This place is located around 30km from Ooty. This resort has everything you need to forget the stress that your city life gives. The best thing here is that you don't receive phone signal or any sort of network. The food served here is very different. The spices they use are fresh from their own estates. They even sell these spices to you if you ask. It's a quiet place generally. The only noise you can hear is the noise of the waterfall and insects & birds. The resort makes specific arrangements for morning and evening treks that could last from one hour to three hours. If you are lucky you can spot Nilgiri's best birds. Apart from this the resort also offers a list of spa services that will help you rejuvenate. In case you are there with your partner then Kurumba has a tree top place that accommodates only two people and you can have a long date night. It will be a life-time's experience having a date night on that tree-top set up overlooking the estates. A few kilo meters from Kurumba Village, Nature Resorts has another set of two resorts named "Tea Nest" and "Tea Nest Annexe". These properties are beautiful as they are set up over tea estates. Whereas Kurumba is luxurious, Tea Nest is more like a beautiful home stay.

    What Could Be Better?

    This is a place of perfection. Your trip here shouldn't be short at all!