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#LBBEvent: Sign Up For Tea-Tasting With Sancha Tea Boutique, Lavelle Road

Anushka posted on 08 August

What Is It?

With a hectic daily schedule, work week strain and household chores, we forget to pamper ourselves and indulge in our interests. Well, this August, join us to enjoy a delicious cup of tea over yummy food and delightful conversation with Sancha Tea. Take some time out to learn and appreciate white, green, Oolong and black tea with us at their beautiful tea boutique! With an impressive selection of gourmet teas from 7 Indian tea growing regions and China to be discovered and savoured together, sign up below now for an exciting evening tea tasting and meeting fellow chai lovers!

Who Is It For?

If you can’t function without your morning chai, or need tea as much as oxygen to get you through the day, this is your chance to experience your favourite drink and unwind in the cozy, warm interiors of Sancha Tea Boutique.

Why Should I Go For It?

Honestly, is there a reason you shouldn’t go for this? A unique opportunity to devour freshly brewed tea and interact with people who share your love for the drink, we promise you’ll be transported to another world in this beautiful tea boutique. Established over 35 years ago, by a master tea taster in Delhi, San-Cha curates memorable tea experiences for connoisseurs and novices alike. With a range including Moroccan Mint White Tea, Oolong, Chunmee Green Tea, Masala chais, Darjeeling teas – sip, sample and savour and make your journey into the land of tea an unforgettable one.

Can’t wait for this? Then fill your details in the form below and we’ll select 30 lucky LBB users to join us for an evening of chai and conversation.

When: Saturday, August 19

Where: San-Cha Tea Boutique, 54, Lavelle Regency, Lavelle Road

Timings: 4pm – 6pm

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locationLavelle Road

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Food Stores
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