This Novel Concrete-Rattan Infused Furniture Is A Brilliant Mix Of Craft & Tech!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Furniture is indispensable in the home decor space and so the rationale is that settling for boring options is often okay to fill this need. Wrong. So wrong. Why must you when experimental furniture is the future? Need more reason? Well, look to the beyond cool and beyond edgy, Vakr an online design studio headquartered in the country's capital. They are actively redefining how you perceive furniture and decor, both in its design and its ability to impact the environment. 

    Truly one-of-kind doesn't even begin to describe this happy accident of a business! Co-founder, Nehit, who is also one of the brilliant architectural minds behind the brand shares that stumbling upon the dying rattan weaving artisan community in Delhi is where it all began. Their team was looking to implement novel technology to create something different, all they needed was skilled craftsmanship and so they revived this artform to create furniture that is a melange of concrete (versatile, can be reused, light on the environment), rattan (innately sustainable material, part of the palm family, often confused with cane) and reclaimed wood. 

    How do these starkly different mediums work together though? By defying physics. Vakr's signature uncommon geometries -- basically uses a technology to help suspend heavy objects on plain surfaces (like a rectangle) and weaving rattan along these curved surfaces. So you will spot stereotype-breaking Coffee or Dining Tables that are flat concrete on either side, but dip in the middle. They also have a cool hanging rattan and concrete Side Table that can be suspended, saving you floor space and looking cool at that! This collection is aptly named 'Leher', meaning waves.


    Vakr (that actually means curve) believes there is actually a steep learning curve in what they have set out to do. To constantly reinvent designs that blow your mind, learning the craft of rattan and also teaching these craftsmen how to weave on unusual geometric surfaces has been a journey unlike any other, they state. The brand also creates nested tables, wood wall mounts, ottoman and more. It's all available only on a made-to-order basis. Prices start at INR 50,000 upwards.