Dog Lover Or Artist: Stay Only With Like-Minded Hosts Across India With This Travel Platform


    This travel platform will let you rent out homes from like-minded folks within micro-communities. So, dog-lovers can stay at the home of fellow pooch lovers and former IITians can hang at the homes of their kind. Perfect, no?

    Birds Of A Feather

    If you want to travel, and really live like a local, Explore Life Travelling, feels your need. And that’s exactly why this travel platform, based in Bangalore, helps you do. Essentially, they rent out homes and places to stay to explorer across India. But what makes this one even better is that they’ll put you in touch with people who are similar to you. Connecting micro-communities — IIT alumni, animal lovers, do-gooders, start-up peeps and even women professionals, you’ll feel right at home when you check-in.

    Explore The Country

    With strong networks across the country, be it in the metros, hills of Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh or the coffee plantations of Coorg, Chikmagalur and Sakleshpur, there’s all sort of accommodation on offer. And we’re talking pretty swanky homes. Some featured spaces include artists’ studio homes, plush villas, penthouse apartments and even homely rooms, if you’re looking for something less fancy. There are some super cool listing like tree houses and mud huts, and of course, in Goa, bring on the beach villas and even the super cool shacks.

    Join The Community

    If you’re worried about letting someone into your home, or living in someone else’s, fear not! Each community {we hear there’s one for Harley Davidson riders, employee networks and much more, coming up}, has an administrator who’ll have stringent rules on who can and cannot be part of a particular community. That person will also know when you contact a host; seems fair enough to both parties. So you can rest assured that it’ll be legitimate. Maybe they’ll make a community for dessert lovers. Or potato chip worshippers. Who’s in?