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5 Items You Must Pack For Magnetic Fields

Namrata posted on 07 December

You’re travelling for a festival, all sorts of excited and you get there- and whoops, you forgot a key item that you’re definitely going to need. You know we like to look out for you, so here’s a list that you should definitely pack.

Warm & Fuzzy

wool sweaters and vintage clothes for sale in open-air flea mark

We’re here to clear a common misconception- no matter how hot it is in a desert in the daytime, it’s bound to be just as cold once the sun goes down. Our advice? Pack a light sweater or two, as well as a jacket for the evening chills. Socks help too!

Sunnies up


The blazing hot sun is no one's friend, so pack those sunnies! Throw in a hat or two for good measure. May we also suggest sunscreen, if you’re not one for hats? Include a backpack in the list too, for using while you’re attending the festival.

Starting from the bottom


For anyone who hasn’t had experience with sand, it can be tricky. It’s hard to walk in, oscillates between hot and cold and gets in all your good shoes. There’s no one footwear for all times of the day, so you’ll have to put a little thought into what goes into your bag. We suggest a combination of both flip flops and boots to be on the safe side. Stay away from heels.

Talking tunes

For those of you who are driving there, get hold of a pair of portable speakers. They’ll come in handy for any and all the time you spend in your tent too.



You’re going to be glamping, but it’s always best to be prepared. Throw in those rolls of toilet paper, there’s no telling when you’ll need them. A mini first-aid is in the order too, because a pharmacy will be hard to find, as will towels. Pack your own!

#LBBTip: While there’s an ATM in the village nearby, we recommend carrying at least some cash, so you don’t end up stranded without any dough. Keep a close eye on it though.

When: December 18-20

Where: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

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