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This Brand Sells Aromas And E-ssense Of Unique Food Flavourings

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    Rasmalai, Baklava, Coconut Puff Pastry, Tequila. Great! Now that we have your attention, we’d like to inform you that these are not just random food items we’ve typed here to stimulate a craving, these are aromas and food essences sold by Ossoro Flavours. Part time baker Sulakshan started Ossoro Flavours back in 2017 after he realised the growing demands in the market for food flavourings, essences and aromas. All their products use organic compounds, aromatic extracts and fruit pulps so you can be sure of natural ingredients going into your system. Did we also mention that all their products are made in-house ?

    Ossoro’s single flavours such as the vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate essences are their top picks and they provide a rounded off flavour. If you want to rouse your adventurous self, try out their wacky flavours such as Tikka Masala, Barbeque Sauce and Masala Papad to name a few. They also sell powders such as cocoa and vanilla if you intend on baking. Their portions come in testers of 10ml and also in full-sized flavours of 30ml priced at INR 150- INR 500. If you are into bulk production of baked goods then we suggest you try out their half-litre packs. And if you are worried about possible health hazards, be assured that Ossoro Flavours does not use any synthetic flavourings or chemical notes in their essences and aromas. 

    Staying at home and cooking now a got a whole lot better and easier, eh?


    You can store their products for up to two years and also avail discounts through their specialised coupon codes. Free domestic shipping on orders above INR 300. 

      Available Online