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    Gol Gappas, Chops Or Appams: The Oberoi's Food Festival Has Solid Street Cred

    Aakanksha posted on 15 August

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Le Jardin’s Food Bazaar street food festival is a culinary ode to India serving up Guava Gol Gappas, Chole Bhature, Beetroot Chop, Andhra biryani and plenty of nostalgia.

    Street Cred


    So what if Bangalore doesn’t have the most vibrant street food scene. No one will complain when there’s a food festival bringing us the best of the streets. Especially when Chef Parvinder Bali {Culinary Head from the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development} is at the helm of the festival called Food Bazaar. They’ve even set up Le Jardin in theme, with ambient sounds from Chandni Chowk to boot!

    At the buffet table, start with chaats with a twist. Typical Palak Patta Chaat {fried spinach topped with dahi and chat masalas} and soft fluffy dahi bhallas are great option. We’re tripping on the Gol Gappa water that comes in a very unusual flavours - guava, orange and mint, kokum or roasted pineapple. Who’d have thought! Skip the Khandvi, Dhokla, aloo and channa chaats as they’re available otherwise too.

    India Represent

    Chole Bhaturey cannot be missed. In fact, Chef Bali has a secret bhatura recipe that uses no yeast at all.. Aloo Tikki {stuffed with onion, khowa, chaat masala} ties for second place alongside Bengali-style chops – the Beetroot chop and Machli Coorkit. What’s the latter? It’s a fish croquette but as Indians always do, we rechristen things to suit our accent! For something more solid, the Andhra biryani is on point.

    South India represents as Malabari paratha with tenderloin curry, flawless podi idli and fluffy appams with stew. Unfortunately, our menu didn’t have Chettinad dosa or sannas.  Kathi Rolls didn’t make it to our top list, but when there’s homemade kulfi to end with, it doesn’t matter!

    So, We’re Thinking…

    Sure you’ll never pay so much for street food, but this is a great way to experience food from across the country. Plus, it’s Independence Day, celebrate the culinary way!

    When: Until August 20 {dinner buffet only}

    Timings: 7.30pm-11.30pm

    Price: INR 1,575 upwards

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      locationSivanchetti Gardens