Explore The World With Handy New Photo App, Galleri5

Aakanksha posted on 12th November

Ten-Second Takeaway

For all of you who need to see before you do, the Galleri5 app will take you on a virtual tour before you shop, eat or travel.

Exploring Galleries

When founders Rahul Regulapati and Movin Jain quit their corporate jobs to follow the start-up dream, they knew it had to be something that combined their passion for technology with the idea of helping people visually discover things they love! And so, they set out to build a platform where people would discover ideas — from places to visit, art, food, décor, fashion and photography. Would you like to know more about vegetarian food in Chettinad? The architecture of Madhurai? Or perhaps you’re more keen on exploring the ghost town of Dhanukoshi. Whichever is your cup of tea, Galleri5 will give you visual insights into it all.

Say It With Photos

Almost like Instagram and Pinterest, Galleri5 lets you upload photos into various galleries be it a very generic one like beaches and mountains or very specific ones such as a homestay or a particular style of architecture. Dominated by travel at the moment, but with elements of food, fashion and art, embedded in that, there’s over 1,500 user-generated topics. We did love sharing colour and fervour on the Diwali Galleri but we also go very quickly distracted by the Urban Scenes. Who knew Jodhpur would look even prettier from a Jharokha window!

If you’re a noob at photo apps and such, they have a built in feature which recognises the subject of your photo and will even recommend topics for you to curate and collect photos onto. As if that’s not enough sharing, you can easily load the photos on to other social platforms. Yes, yes, even WhatsApp so that you can legitimately show off! And the best part? Everytime you share an image, either your own or others’, there’s a Galleri5 frame to protect your copy rights. Win!

Go on, share you experiences so others can live vicariously through you too!

Download the app for Android here and for iOS here.

Check out the website here.