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Want To Sit On The Iron Throne? There's A Game Of Thrones Cafe Opening Soon

Aakanksha posted on 31 March

Ten-Second Takeaway

While you wait for the television show to come back in July, here’s something to keep you going… there’s a Game Of Thrones-themed cafe coming to Bangalore. And it’s coming to Koramangala.

Sit On The Iron Throne

We’re thanking the gods, old and new, obviously, for this piece of news! After the awesome Harry Potter cafe, we didn’t think this city could get more awesome. But like the gift that keeps on giving, Koramangala is now going to be home to the country’s first Game Of Thrones-themed cafe, called Seven Kingdoms. Yes, yes, there’s expected to be tables for groups with only one chair that’s in the shape of the Iron Throne — so good luck fighting for that! There’s also seven distinct zones to this three-storied cafe, each meant to be one of the kingdoms. We can’t wait to see what Winterfell looks like!

Food is expected to be regular cafe fare, but watch out for quirky presentation and super cool names like Dragon-fired pizzas {instead of wood-fired} named after the characters, milkshakes like Red Wedding {red velvet flavours}, mains named after different tribes like Dothraki. Our eyes and tummys are on the Khaleesi Fried Chicken.

Kings Landing

And though it was set to open by April in time for the premiere of season 7, it’s been pushed to May. But hey, we’re not complaining! While there are no dragons expected, we hear that there will be a games area that will replicate some of the warfare from the books and shows. Hopefully, no head chopping. So, which house do you belong to? We at LBB are the Night’s Watch. Choose wisely, winter is coming…

Oh, and also… here’s wishing you a very happy All Fools Day from the LBB Crew. We made sure to post this when it was April 1, 2017, somewhere on Earth. So at 6pm IST on March 31, it was April 1, 2.30am LINT, at lovely Kiribati, on Christmas Island!