Pyrenean Shepherd Or Army Man, This Brand’s Berets Are Perfect For All


    What Makes It Awesome

    We can’t picture you as a shepherd in the Pyrenees or as a military man but if you are after that French/Spanish countryman look, DCK’s Basque Beret Caps are for you. Also if you’re a woke Che Guevara fanboi and want to pull off that pop culture look, these berets should do the trick. The brand’s beret caps can be worn anytime of the year and for any occasion, be it as a casual fashion accessory or with a formal getup. While we’ve heard about many royal families of erstwhile princely states wearing these caps to mimic the British militia, you could make this look your own and say no to the mimicry, just because these look nice.

    The brand’s beret caps are made from 100% wool and come in a solid design, bere(f)t (see what I did there) of any ornamentation or fancy shmancy prints. Opaque in transparency, the berets can be washed by hand, dry cleaned or even an easy wash should suffice. We suggest you to try the off white or black beret caps that go well with any outfit and are best for casual or formal gatherings. DCK has eight solid colours available and the best part is that these caps are unisex. In essence, what you could get from a Basque merchant’s shop for a starting range of INR 13,000 is available, right here on LBB Shop for INR 500. Steal deal, isn’t it ?


    Free shipping on all orders above INR 599.