Make Your Boho Home With This Brand’s Planters, Hangings & Dreamcatchers

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What Makes It Awesome

I always had a thing for macrame because of how cozy and minimal it is. Be it the planters or the wall hangings, macrame decor products just accentuate spaces and elements in your home with their crafty knots, solid colours and fun feel. Luna Nueva is a brand that specialises in Macrame planters, dreamcatchers, wall hangings and ceiling lamps. These folks assimilate bohemian textures with the urban contemporary use of macrame through products that are easy to use, available in bright shades and tied in quirky knots.

The Knotty Plant Hanger comes in this bright red colour and is super compact, ideal for light coloured walls. Plants plopping out of the hanger will give a strong two-toned colour pop to your wall. You do knot want to miss out on this (see what I did there). Another one of our picks is the Blooming Harmony Planter that with its yellow thread structure, will give more space for your flower pot to be seen. For the perfect boho feel, get their Crescent Dreamcatcher (44 inch long) which has handcrafted cotton macrame DNA strands within and long lashes of thread to make the hanging look fuller. There is even the solitary ceiling lamp with wooden beads, great for small halls. Their products start from INR 449 for their planters and go upto INR 1,099 for their dreamcatchers. These are available on LBB Shop.


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