Have A Whiskey Sour On The Beach In The Cosmo City With This Brand’s Mixes


    What Makes It Awesome

    Had that party last weekend where the alcohol poisoning punished you? Or you just want to focus on your fitness but crave that cold one or that refreshing cocktail? For either or for both, there is Mumbai Mixers, a brand that specialises in non-alcoholic cocktail mixes that pack a fruity punch, ideal for the summers and a winner at the parties. Think your classic Cosmos, Sex On The Beach, Mojito and Whiskey Sour, these guys have it all waiting for you to add the spirits to them and to the night. Pss pss, read the headline again and admire the author’s wordplay. These mixes have low calories, zero trans fats and no artificial flavours so you won’t technically be cheating.

    You ‘cran’ and you must have the brand’s Cosmopolitan that has a citrus-y punch of orange and the freshest cranberries meddling with each other’s fruity affairs. Add some vodka and you’re good to go if you want that little bit of inebriation. You don’t get the peaches out in Georgia when the brand is selling its famous Sex On The Beach Mixer that has the above mentioned cosmo + peaches. Again, a strong vodka would do wonders here. The Whiskey Sour with its home grown lemons, passion fruit and cinnamon work just well for the night too. Their Mojito is another winner if you just want to relax by the beach on a sunny day as the cooling notes of the mint works its magic.