Go Earthy

    Go Earthy This Summer With This Sustainability Based Activity Studio In Whitefield

    Amrutha posted on 17 April


    Pick a hobby at the Go Earthy studio known for block-printing workshops. Get your hands messy over the weekends and take your creations back home.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Go Earthy is a studio that was set up to promote local art like block printing, and artisans by raising money for local artists.. Conducting workshops at The Bohemian House and FabIndia, they also sell bags and home linen that flaunt their artisans’ skills. Those of you who are looking for interesting activities with your team, check out their creative origami and pottery sessions that have been curated to pick up team-building and personal skills, both.

    This is also a great way to bond with your kids during the holidays; take them along to create your own matching DIY stoles and bags that you could show off. They even sell block-printing kits so you can practice and hone the art at home. Their origami classes are great for developing spatial reasoning and concentration skills. Challenge yourself and create canes and roses out of paper that you could use as DIY home decor. Starting their workshops at INR 7,500 (for 20 people), you can even opt to conduct a private session at home with friends and family.


    As part of the workshop, you’re allowed to take your creations home. But you can choose to leave it back with the facilitators so that they may sell it and raise funds for charity.

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