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Time To Be Touristy Again: Goa Finally Gets Super Fun Duck Boats


Just when you thought Goa couldn’t get any better, it gets Duck Tours — those super cute amphibious bus-turns-boats which will be perfect to take in the sights and sounds of the coastal state.

Land Meets Water

Always marvelled at those folks touring Singapore or London, when they sat in a bus for a tour of the city but ended up coolly floating on the rivers? Yes. Us too. So can you imagine our excitement when the Goa Tourism department added this to their list of already amazing activities!

Currently, there are two of these vessels which run on both land and water, but with about 32 seats on board, don’t worry too much about getting a spot. The service is expected to run every hour, and when the total of six vessels are in their kitty, you’ll have six route options, all starting at Panjim, to explore the interiors and coastal areas of Goa. How fun is this? We suppose we all need to book ourselves a ticket to Goa now! As if we needed a reason…