#GoHereShopThis: Sleepwear At H&M

Chandni posted on 07 July


They might be known for their designer collaborations and their on-trend fashion, but we recently discovered H&M’s sleepwear collection that includes PJS, shorts and kimonos. And it has us going dizzy with joy.

Go To Sleep In Style

Of course, nobody’s denying that H&M’s one of the trendiest additions to Bangalore, and a refreshing one at that. Hoarding, bulk-buying, thinking which ones to leave and which ones to pick up, can boggle our minds and how! But the sleepwear here is absolutely worth the trek to Whitefield. Shorts and t-shirt sets featuring Batman, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, ahh, all things awesome saved for the best time of the day {night?}.

They also have a great collection of PJs, satin kimonos, lace negliges, night shirt dresses cosy tees and shorts and basic night jerseys in checks and stripes. Interesting graphic t-shirts with text such as “I Am Not A Morning Person”, “Don’t Call Me Cute” (on a rather cute tee) and “My Day Begins After Coffee” are sure to make sleeping more fun. Comfort clothing at its best.

Price: INR 399-INR 1,999

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