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Get Your Dose Of Goosebumps With Gothic Poems In July At Cubbon Park

Chandni posted on 13 July

What Is It?

This Sunday, all roads will lead to Gothic Poems In July, a Gothic poetry reading session where you can share any of your favourite Gothic poems or even read one that you've written. Expect to hear some original poetry and perhaps a few which you may not have earlier heard.

Who Is It For?

Do writings by Edgar Allen Poe or Emily Bronte give you the shivers? Did you take morbid pleasure in reading Wuthering Heights while the other kids in your class whined about how dark it was? Does poetry in general seem captivating and sharing your own work doesn't seem hair-raising and spine-chilling? If the answers to all these questions were in the affirmative, this event ought be on top of your list. And even if they weren't, but the sound of it piqued your interest, there's always something to learn.

Why Should I Go For It?

This is a great platform for you to share your poetry if you've been too shy to, thus far. Besides, meeting other poetry enthusiasts, and exchanging thoughts and opinion is never a bad idea. Sitting in the beauty of Cubbon Park and a few rain showers might just set the perfect backdrop and mood for this session. Just in case, carry your rain gear. And don't forget to wear black — just for fun-sake, no compulsion there.

When: July 17, 11am-1pm

Where: Cubbon Park {right across the Press Club near the gazebo}

Price: Free

Check out their event on Facebook here.

Featured image via: Gothic Poems in July

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locationKasturba Road

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locationKasturba Road