Turn Master Chef In Your Kitchen with Big Basket’s Happy Chef


Cook up a gourmet meal without doing any prepping thanks to Happy Chef which offers ready-to-cook meals delivered straight to your doorstep.

Going gourmet

Bringing back the joy of gourmet cooking, Big Basket’s latest delivery branch, Happy Chef has American, European, Italian, and Thai cuisines on offer at the moment, and they promise to do all the prepping. So while you were busy watching MasterChef, we swooped in and showed off our culinary skills when guests came over. Of course, if it weren’t for Happy Chef, we’d have failed miserably. Once you pick your cuisine and the exact dishes you want on your menu, they will bring home fresh, pre-measured ingredients. All you {lazy} folks have to do is follows the recipe cards that accompany every gourmet box, and voila! Divided into Salads, Mains, Minis and Casual Dining, you can rest assured it will look every bit as exotic and it sounds.

Ingredient happy

We tried the Chicken And Cranberry Salad With A Dijon Mustard Dressing, and were very pleased with the fresh and top notch quality of the ingredients – especially the cranberries. Hoisin Chicken Wraps and Lamb Sliders didn’t take too long at all to make and kept us happy. Then, despite raised expectations, Fettuccine in a Parmesan and Blue Cheese Sauce with a Heirloom Tomatoes and Crouton Salad, wowed us further. And if they maintain the quality of the ingredients, especially the more rare ones like Blue cheese, heirloom tomatoes, the choice of dishes, and the packaging, we foresee a long, prosperous life for Happy Chef.

Price: INR 250 upwards per dish which usually serves 2-3.

Order your meal at their website here.