Nuts For Nuts? Get Them In Flavours Like Rabri, Paan, And Chocolate Chaat Here!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Love all things sweet and crunchy? Yes you read that right, and if you’re some of the few people who enjoy that combination, then the Gourmet Nut has just the thing for you - Flavoured nuts! Okay don’t roll your eyes at this even though it’s not some novel concept, because the flavours certainly are.

    The coated (yes, not the lightly dusted ones, though they have those too, if you like) nuts are usually either almond or cashew - classics. The flavoured coatings usually contain chocolate and sugar at the very least, so you know it’s a good sweet snack. The flavours themselves are worth trying them for. Popular options include Mango Almond (mango flavoured chocolate), Litchi White Chocolate Cashew, and Pista Cashew. Of course if you want to play it safe they have almonds, hazelnuts, and cashews in dark, and milk chocolate coatings (we spotted Oreo, blueberry and cranberry too). For those of you who like experiments, you’re in for a treat. Find flavours such as Paan Shot, Chaat Masala Dark Chocolate Cashews, Pineapple (almond, or cashew), Bourbon Almond, and Rabri Almond too.

    Should you want something savoury, they have those options too! Though these are more conventionally coated in flavours like Pudina, Sour Cream & Onion, Peri-Peri, Pepper, and Lemon among others. You can pick 250g, or 400g, and prices start at INR 357.