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Baked By Skinny Pete


Gourmet Sandwiches And Smoothies For The Win At Baked By Skinny Pete

Navya posted on 28th July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Peter Fernandes aka Skinny Pete is finding his place in the culinary world with a patisserie that rubs shoulders with his parents’ highly successful venture — Maria’s Goan Kitchen.

Chow Down

Green Golden Grilled Cheese, Sausage & Pepper Chipotle Grilled Cheese

Sip On

Orange Creamside

Winning For

Their generously stuffed gourmet sandwiches, and the flavour-packed smoothies. Also, the service that makes you feel like you have strolled into a friendly neighbour’s home.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Peter Fernandes has travelled a long way from his Goan heritage, to conjure up a menu studded with gourmet sandwiches, smoothies and desserts in Koramangala. As of now, Baked operates out of Maria’s Goan Kitchen {they are on the lookout for a dedicated space}. And you probably wouldn’t mind skipping a drop-in all together {considering they are on multiple food-delivery platforms} had it not been for the warm, friendly service of the Fernandes’.

What’s On The Menu?

Just a week old, Baked by Skinny Pete has hit its stride with gourmet sandwiches and smoothies. But the patisserie is woefully devoid of the pastries and desserts. Of course, you can order whole cakes off the menu provided you place your request in advance.

Well Bread

We tend to agree with Peter when he declares that not many places in Bangalore {especially in this price range} are putting a gourmet twist to sandwiches. The Green Golden Grilled Cheese came loaded with a creamy mixture of avocado, Boursin cheese and Mozzarella. The lovely stuffing mixture had oozed out of the sides of crunchy toast, and we couldn’t help but feel blissful. The slices of jalapeno that were added to the sandwich gave it a delicious tang that went beautifully with the cheese and avocado.

The Sausage & Pepper Chipotle Grilled Cheese Sandwich came packed with chunks of pork sausages, sauteed bell peppers, and melting Gouda and chipotle Cheddar, and a strong, peppery aftertaste. And the subtle, fruity flavours of the Orange Creamside Smoothie did its bit to calm our taste buds. While many smoothies are loaded with sugar, this was was perfectly balanced and we could easily pick up the fruit flavours, and yogurt that went into making it.

So We’re Thinking…

Bring on the desserts ASAP, Pete! But while you hanker after the desserts, keep yourself busy with the sandwiches and smoothies. If you prefer staying at home, then you can place an order via Runnr or Zomato. From the second week of August, the menu will also be up on Swiggy.

More Information

Baked By Skinny Pete


360, 1st Floor, 1st Main, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru

Baked By Skinny Pete