What Is It?

Called the Great American Beer Carnival, it doesn’t need much of an introduction. But here’s one anyway. Organised by The Beer Dossier and Vh1, it’s all about celebrating the American summer — never mind that it’s monsoon here. Life is giving you a second chance, that too with beer and barbecue. Making it a mini Oktober fest at The Brew And Barbecue, there’ll be barrels of craft beer, beer pong, Vert Cup and Flip Cup {that sealed the deal, right?} to keep you entertained. To make it quintessentially American {for those feeling homesick, you see} there’ll be chugging contests, bean bag toss and barbecue to really zone in the carnival vibes.

Who’s It For?

For all of you who lived in USA, or are expats from there, this one’s for you. Channelling the typical summer carnival atmosphere of America, you’ll be given a hint of home with the games, beer and straight-off-the-coals finger food. But that’s not to say anyone else shouldn’t go. Head on over for some old-school fun, friendly banter and of course, to bond over Bangalore’s favourite beverage — craft beer.

Why Should I Go For It?

To be crowned the ultimate chugging champion and to be undisputed king/queen of Flip Cup, is what you really should be aiming at. If you don’t know much about American culture, this is also a great opportunity to meet with Americans and those who’ve lived there to understand it better. Also it may be the last chance to see the country at its casual best before Donald Trump potentially spoils it all!


American citizens enter free by showing your passports, and those with a valid American visa, you’ll get a 50 per cent discount on the entry charge. But you have to RSVP to get that deal. Sign-up pronto for Flip Cup, Beer Pong and Vert Pong as there’s limited slots.

When: Saturday, August 13

Where: The Brew And Barbecue, 4th Floor, Soul Space Arena, Mahadevpura

Price: INR 300 {entry and one game}, INR 500 upwards for entry and multiple games, INR 750 for food and drink packages.

Contact: +91 9620689159

Find the event on Facebook here.