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Everything Green Tea: Sips And Bites Of Green Magic In Singapore

Navni posted on 15 December

We’ve all sipped on green tea whether it’s in pursuit of glowing skin or just for digestion purposes after a big fat meal. But Singaporeans take this drink to a whole new level and whip it up into a number of desserts and drinks. We were more than happy to jump on this bandwagon while we were taking in the many sights the city has to offer.

We ate {and drank} our way through the green tea trend at Singapore starting with these:

Tart At 2 AM Dessert Bar

We stepped into 2am Dessert Bar with very high expectations, and these were more than met with the Green Tea Tart: A crisp flaky tart filled with a bright green tea concoction with a citrusy tinge to it. While we’re happy gorging on this, one spoon at a time with the accompanying jasmine rice sherbet, we’re even happier pairing this with a sake cocktail. Mmm.

Where: 21A Lorong Liput, Holland Village

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Ice Cream At A Spoonful Of Sugar

You’ll find green tea ice cream all over town but the one at A Spoonful Of Sugar is worth mentioning for its inclusion of red bean. We think this requires an acquired palate {Asian dessert lovers will love the red bean in dessert} so if you are up for something new, go ahead and order yourself a scoop of the creamy sweet concoction.

PS: While you’re here, it might be worth your while to order a portion of waffles. We loved the crispy squares served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Where: 01-2072, 4 Changi Village Road

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Fondue At Lime Restaurant

We’ve attended countless lavish brunches where we’ve run around looking for a chocolate fountain to dip our marshmallows into. Now replace the chocolate fountain with a green tea one and if you’re still excited, book a table at Lime Restaurant. Take your pick of fruits {we’re partial to the strawberries} cake and marshmallows, and go crazy.

Where: 3 Upper Pickering Street

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Frappuccino At Starbucks

The Green Tea Crème Frappuccino is the standard for a chunk of the local population in Singapore, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. The ice-blended milky drink proved to be the perfect refresher on a hot summer afternoon and honestly, don’t you automatically just feel heathier when your coffee is replaced with green tea?

Starbucks has recently launched a double chocolate version of the same which contains crunchy java chips and chocolate sauce.

Where: Click here for a complete list of outlets.

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Kit Kat

And if all else fails, head to a 7/11 and get yourself a packet of green tea Kit Kats or green tea Oreos. To be honest, we’re not super fans of the strong taste, but it’s not a bad way to get initiated.

Where: All grocery stores across Singapore