Get Fighting Fit With Meal Plans And Nutrition Gyaan From The Grow Fit App

Navya posted on 20 February


Made in Bangalore, the Grow Fit app promises nutritional expertise and healthy meals as you inch towards your weight goals. You can also stock up your kitchen pantry with whole-grain flours and guilt-free snacks from here.

Doc On Call

Launched last year, Grow Fit claims that it has helped its customers collectively lose 54,000 kilos and counting. And if you’d like to contribute to that number, you are just a download away {available on iOS and Android}. And what we like about the app is that weight loss is just a secondary aspect. The app primarily focuses one key aspect of weight and fitness – the healthy eating bit. Browsing through the app, you can get general tips and tricks on nutrition for free. But if you want to get serious about your diet, then, you can sign up for customised recommendations and meals that are delivered to your doorstep.

Think you need a coach to handhold you through your weight-loss regimen? Then, they have customised plans for different needs. There are packages to get lean and mean, others are focussed on women with PCOS, and yet others seek to help diabetics. Celebrity diet packages and weight-loss programmes for brides are available too. Grow Fit has tied-up with actual nutritionists and experts to give you the right advice.

Eat Up

For those of you looking to nail healthy eating, their meal plans work perfectly. You can sign up for a single meal or even week long programmes. They also offer monthly subscriptions and 8-week long plans where you can get meals delivered your home or office. If you are looking to make major changes to what goes into your kitchen cabinet, Grow Fit comes to your rescue on that front too. You can shop for Low Carb flour, Bamboo Seed Atta, and Gluten Free Flour on the platform. Oat cookies, low carb peanut butter cookies, and chocolate power bars are up for grabs too.

Apart from this, Grow Fit offers help and advice on sleep, counselling and therapy, and skin care expertise too. And if you think, that someone else needs help with getting their fitness on track – you can gift plans too. Now this sounds like something we can get started with.