Find {And List} Amazing Holiday Homes, Rooms, Apartments On GuestHouser


Calling themselves the country’s largest privately-curated accommodation, these guys really test out the places and vet them out for you before listing it.

What Is It?

Are you one of those who’s a bit afraid to stay at Airbnb rooms, simply because they’re a free listing site? If you are, then Guest Houser is perfect for you. A vacation discovery platform, here you can find and book the accommodation for your next holiday. Currently covering India more extensively than others, you can check out hotels, homes and rooms across hotspots like Jaipur, Goa, Manali and Darjeeling {we love the British-style bungalow currently listed}. They don’t really list places under categories yet, so just type into the destination search bar and you’ll know if they have a partner in that city or town.

That said, don’t limit yourself to India. We’re loving their country houses in Nepal, luxury bungalows with private pool in Bali, swanky apartments in New York City and even penthouses in Berlin, Germany. Or, how does a Victorian luxury house in London, around King’s Road sound? Posh, eh?

How’s It Different?

For starters, not only do you get to pick from a host of different kinds of accommodation {who needs a hotel room when you can get treehouses, boat houses and chateaus} but you also get to list them too. So if you have a fancy apartment, a cool summer house or just a spare bedroom which you’d like to rent out, then GuestHouser will look it up, approve {or disapprove} and then you’ll be listed too. And if someone were to book with you, then the website will take care of the payment portal and you’ll get the money directly in your account. Works perfectly yes?