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This CBD Cafe Wins For Sour Dough Waffles, Choco Shots And Whimsical Vibes

    Happy Belly Bakes on Primrose Road, off MG Road is straight out of an Enid Blyton children's book, and this one has crepes! Mugs in the wall, teal windows and cobbled flooring in this bungalow-turned-cafe, it's a happy place for everyone. Before we get to the dreamy desserts and crepes, this place already wins for the kiddy play area, full with a mini slide, picture books, puzzles, and a tent. Perfect to give Mums and Dads a break from the little ones, without leaving them behind, 

    Try their all day breakfast menu with crepes, French fries, and pasta — which works with any kind of dessert. The crepes are in-house stars, light fluffy and with a line-up of fillings (including mushroom and tuna). The fries, quiches, pizzas and pastas are perfect if you want something savory.  Dessert for breakfast peeps, gorge on chocolate chip waffles that come loaded with chocolate sauce, choco chips and vanilla ice cream. Oh, and you can even pick the sourdough version. Other specialities are their couverture chocolates, including nama chocolates, chocolate eclairs and truffles. 

    Vietnamese coffee or iced tea is always a fine option at Happy Belly Bakes, but what steals the show is their take on hot chocolate. Nope, not that strange watered down powder. This is sublime molten Belgian chocolate in an espresso cup. It’s a real shot of chocolate, and if you’re not down for that kind of shot then you’re missing out. And if you have room for more make the tough decisions of trying one of their cake pops, nutella cakes, Belgian truffle cakes, lemon tarts, or one of each for the road! Oh, and for Christmas time do not forget to order their plum cakes in kilos (it's moist, rich and sufficiently boozy) and their Gingerbread Cookie Boxes (these are just too cute to eat), full of Christmas colour iced cookies in shapes of gingerman, of course and Christmas trees and stockings. These are available to order online via Swiggy, Dunzo or Zomato.

    What Could Be Better

    There's no parking save for two spots in front of the cafe or at the side road if you're lucky, so just take the metro till Trinity Circle and walk it down.


    They also have a mini-library, where you can freely take a book home if you replace it with one of yours.