Healthy Food Made Tastier At Cult

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What Makes It Awesome?

Eat.Fit: Here comes the new addition of Cult - Cafe at Cult at many outlets like Indiranagar, Kormangala, Jayanagar and many more. In this fast-moving world, I guess none of us has the time to Cook a wholesome meal with all the nutritional value. Cafe cult comes with meals curated certainly living up to their quote "ForTheTasteOfiT".

I was served Hakka Noodles noodles and chilli paneer, Brown rice and some amazing Egg curry Thali with which we had healthy sugar treat served with it little Chia seeds Dipped in jaggery. The store apart from this has many things to offer like quinoa Chips for Healthy Munchies and yes their spread very healthy yet tasty sandwiches Greek Yoghurt, Amazing Smoothies, Healthy sugar Treats like the wheat brownie and yes Fruit pop Oatmeal for the rush and Nutritional value of it.
So here's to a new place Alert with Goodness Health and yes Happy food 😁

How Much Did It Cost?

Under β‚Ή500

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