Winter Means Bad News For Your Skin And Hair? Fret Not, This Brand Has A Very Healthy Solution!

Winter is coming and so is the season of patchy and dry skin and frizzy & worn out hair. So here’s some food for your skin to keep it moisturised and glowing, and hair oil to keep them lock strong and shining, no matter how harsh the weather gets on you. Vedaearth has a natural answer to all your beauty problems and we are already ordering these skin friendly solutions.

Hair Care

No more bad hair days! Losing unreasonable amounts of hair on a daily basis or worried about premature greying of your strands? The anti-hairfall oil by Vedaearth is the next best trend that you need to get your hands on. This oil, rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin E, infused with Rosemary, Coriander oil and the Palmarosa oil strengthens the roots of your lustrous locks and make them look voluminous. Let your hair down this winters! Order here!

Deep Cleansing

Blackheads and acne are some of the things we never want to face, but with the polluted air all around there’s only so much you can do to protect your skin. Treat your skin with facial cleansers that have a unique blend of natural ingredients like Frankincense, Benzoin {healer of every skin-related problem} and Roman Chamomile that will work from inside out to give your skin the early morning glow, all day long. Use it everyday to keep the charm on and twice a day to get better results {and a healthier skin}. Order here!

Leave Them Bags Behind

We all have baggage that we don’t mind, but what we really mind are the bags under eyes that make us look tired and worked up all the time. Sleeping pattern is one of the main factors and the other thing that what help you lose those dark circles under your eyes is the under eye oil by Vedaearth. With goodness of saffron, Lotus and Vetiver, this oil is all you could ask for! Take this oil and roll on twice under and around your eye to shine on without any bags. Order here!

#LBBTip: For better and faster results, apply it twice a day and see the change.

Bath In Salts

For when you feel tired and worn out from all the working wonders and you feel like everything will come crashing down, these bath salts will help you calm those nerves and rejuvenate you for a brighter tomorrow. Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath and sprinkle some bath salts rich in Patchouli and Geranium to uplift your mood and feel blissful. Theses salts will help you keep anxiety at bay with its comforting impact. To start your mornings right and bright, add 30gm of this salt to a bucket or tub of warm water and use for bathing. Order here!

Pack Attack

A face pack a day keeps stress away! Get the glow like that of a baby and make your skin look radiant every day with the amazing face packs by Vedaearth. Rich in Mango Ginger, White Turmeric and Cypress, this food for your skin is nothing but necessary. Heal those blemishes gently and naturally. Mix the required quantity of the pack with oil and rose water to make a thick paste and leave it on for 15 minutes before you wash it off. Do this daily and revive the glow of your skin with minimal effort! Order here!
With winter on its way, we can already feel the patchiness in our skin and we can’t stop stalking moisturizers and butter creams. Well all of that is necessary, using the right cleansers and facepacks is as important for your skin before you layer it with cream and oil. Get these amazing products and do your skincare regime a favour this season.

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