Beyond The Applause: Here’s How You Can Help Health Carers Who Are On The Frontlines!


We are all (hopefully) doing our bit to flatten the curve by staying at home and practising social distancing. With the whole country on lockdown for more than two weeks, we know how serious the issue is. However, the real heroes on the frontlines are all the doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners and other essential service providers, who are out the whole day ensuring we get our treatment right and survive with consistent basic supplies. Unlike us, they don’t have the option to work from home, and instead have to step out everyday to continue to help others. While we may have already stood in solidarity and applauded their efforts, here are some ways we can lend them a helping hand.

Stay At Home & Say Hello Doctor

Got a medical emergency for your child but can’t step out of home due to the precautionary lockdown measures? Fret not. The doctors at Rainbow Children's Hospital & BirthRight by Rainbow are available for you online for a video consultation at home for pediatrics and women care. These are challenging times, so it’s best to consult a professional online first and then decide whether or not visiting the hospital physically is unavoidable. Visit the website or call on 18002122 for all details.

Help With Errands

A pandemic often means that doctors are overworked and often are staying away from their families. If you know of a family of a medical professional in your society, spare a thought for them. Dial away, find out what their urgent requirements may be in case you’re making a grocery run. At such times, even a little step will go a long way.

Contribute To PM CARES Fund

During this time when all of the medical staff is working tirelessly, all they need is more support for better medical equipment, protective suits and masks. Donate what you can to the PM CARES Fund. This is a collective fight against Covid-19 to save humanity.

Donate Blood, Save Lives

The blood you donate gives someone else a chance at life! During these uncertain times, you can still visit a blood bank as per your scheduled blood, platelet or AB Elite plasma donation appointments. A stable supply is necessary, especially throughout this pandemic. Don’t forget to ring up the blood bank before visiting and getting a diagnosis for your health and safety. Think about donating, because every drop counts.