Pens With Lights, Unbreakable Shot Glasses Or Waterproof Speakers: This Website Is Boss For Quirky Gifting



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What Makes It Awesome

I love giving presents. But I also hate giving generic presents, or boring ones. Which is why I so love This website has quirky and cool gifting options including cool vacuum mugs, camera lens mugs ideal for that shutterbug buddy, or my current favourite - a coffee mug that has a slot for a cookie below! 

If you’re into poker and roulette, they have gift sets to make game night more like Vegas Nights. Throw in some cool lamp shade speakers, or even waterproof ones if it’s a pool party. Gadgets folks, check out the entire section of Gadgets and geek out like me. The Mini Pen Light with a book lamp is rather nifty. For a writer, it’s pretty romantic to be writing in the darkness with only the pen to light they Too much? It’s cool though! I also watch a dangerous amount of television, so for Tata Sky, Firestick, the actual television and the surround sound remotes, Hit Play has a remote separator! It’s also perfect for a perfectionist because it’s designed such that you can see each of the remotes, and you can easily pick up the one you want. 

While you can spend a whole lot of time on this website for quirky light, decor accessories, bags, upside down umbrellas and more, let me also point you in the direction of the Unbreakable Section. No need to worry about your clumsy friend (is that friend you?) breaking stuff around your house. Mugs, sipper cups, cups, champagne flutes or whiskey glasses - these things are clumsy-proof!