Got Some Free Time On Your Hands? Here Are Some Hobbies You Could Pick Up


We’re trying to get you to go out and do more this 2018. Skip slumming it out at a gym or knitting. We’re talking about more fun stuff, like learning a skill. And you may just be too lazy to find a suitable hobby, so we’ve done the ground work and listed a few that we think you might enjoy.

Dance Classes

So, there’s always been some event or the other where you’re supposed to dance. And since you’ve got two left feet, this can be a bit difficult. So why not take a dance class to sharpen those skills? You’re learning to dance and also working out at the same time, which is a plus. There a few dance studios in Bangalore that you can enrol at. If hip-hop is what you wish to learn, then you can go to the Left Foot Right Danceworks studio, who conduct workshops on the basics of hip-hop, before getting to the advanced bits. Learn one of the sexiest dance forms of Salsa, with Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio being one of the premier places to learn the dance form. Belly dancing, you think? Go for it at these studios in town.


You can also take up photography as a hobby, and though this might be a bit expensive, a camera can go a long way. Learn from experts on how to take pictures, in the perfect light and perfect surroundings and who knows where you can apply your skill further? Photography is a super cool hobby to adopt, all you need is a camera and the creative juices flowing and you’ve got yourself an album of your best shots. Nikon School conducts photography workshops based on your skill and expertise, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Darter Photography also has courses for beginners in wildlife and nature photography but is a little steep at INR 4,600 per head for a day class.


Darter Photography


2/3, 152, 9th Cross Road, Jeewan Sathi Colony, 1st Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru


Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is something you can learn because it not only helps you to stay fit, you also learn the art of self-defence and discipline as well. Be it Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing or Taekwondo, learning and practising the art is one superb addition to your skill set. Gyms and fitness studios all across the city have mixed martial arts classes. If you’re a Whitefield resident, then Whitefield Total Fitness is the place for you. Sign up for the Indian Combat Sports Academy, that has a special focus on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but you can learn other styles as well. If you’re keen on some kick boxing, check out places in Bangalore here. And if it’s a mix of it all, look no further than Fitness Fight Club in Domlur.

Cooking Classes

Now, we all know everyone loves someone who can cook. So why not learn? There are lots of cooking studios around the city and you can head to any one of these to practice and channel your inner Gordon Ramsay {just the cooking skill, please} to woo everybody with your skills and food at the next party you host! You can go to the Slurp Cooking Studio in Indiranagar to learn some old school cooking techniques and styles and some regional cuisine. They’ve got back to basics workshops and other workshops on making pasta and more. You can even go to the Institute of Baking And Pastry Art is a place for you if baking seems like your forte.


Why not learn how to produce and remix music as a hobby? Then you can host a party and show off to your friends that you’re the resident Armin van Buuren in the house. There are places you can go and learn how to mix and produce music. You can enrol in the Beatworx studio, which has courses for beginners and advanced levels. You get all the necessary equipment and there are not more than 6 students in your batch and there is also 40 hours of training.

Music & Dance Academies

Beatworx Studio


119, 6th Main Road, 3rd Phase, JP Nagar, Bengaluru


Learn A New Language

Be it French, Spanish or German, there’s always a language to be learned. The current trend is Spanish {thanks Despacito and Luis Fonzi}, and you can pick up that flowery language at multiple places in Bangalore. Check out our suggestion here. If you’re fascinated by all things German — sausages, sauerkraut, beer, Oktoberfest and Bastian Schweinsteiger, here’s our guide to the best German classes in the city. Oh, you want to master the world’s sexiest language? Fear not, as these French classes will get you speaking it fluently in no time!

Dribble And Score At Football

Already a pro at footy but just don’t know where to play? There are plenty of places you can kick about with fellow enthusiasts. In fact, there are pitches in the city which stay open until wee hours of the morning, so you can make time for the game post work. If that isn’t enough, Bangalore is also home to India’s highest rooftop football arena. Go on, sign up, what are you waiting for? Ladies, we’re hoping to see you on the pitch too.