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Honking Too Much Could Now Cost You INR 1,000

Rini posted on 2nd July

It's time to thank the gods because there might finally be a solution to shut up the annoying excessive honking. So be warned, you could be fined up to INR 1,000 for being a repeated nuisance on the road with unnecessary honking. Imposed through the Motor Vehicle Act by the Road Transport Ministry, these new rules are on its way to the city. While you will be fined for INR 500 for the first time you are caught in the act, the fine increases to INR 1,000 when repeated.

And yo "cool boys", you could land up in much larger trouble for installing tacky multitones or airhorns and pay up to INR 5,000 as penalty. Honking near residential areas and "Silence" zones will prohibited on the whole. And as a part of controlling this, they intend on dealing with the root of the menace - dealers and owners of garages that install them could be fined with up to INR 1 lakh. Road rage will be brought three notches down, for sure.

This story first appeared in Times Of India. Read the full story here.

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