Hot-Tea Alert! 4 Brews You Can't Miss Out On This Summer

Anushka posted on 25 May

There are some permanent things in life – daily transport hassles, crazy work deadlines, low phone battery when you’re on an important call and love for refreshing drinks in the summer. Whether you enjoy hot tea while catching up on your mail or need an iced coffee to go while on a shopping spree, beat the heat with these delicious options around the city.

Par-tea Time

Whether you prefer iced tea, Taiwanese bubble tea or hot tea, there are a range of decadent options to choose from in the city. From Darjeeling tea to Kashmiri kahwa, try an exotic range of extensive teas, and if you’re feeling adventurous, try a Masala Chai Frappe. So take your friends oolong {sorry, couldn’t resist!} and make it a tea party! Don’t want to step out, no worries – check your home delivery options here.

#NoFilter Needed

It’s not possible for us to think of refreshing drinks and not mention filter coffee. Have your frothy favourite at one of our favourite cafes and enjoy that caffeine kick in small doses. You can also try them with a twist – with cinnamon, cardamom or chocolate. Already drooling? We don’t blame you, so go get your fix now!

Ice, Iced Baby

We’d by lying a latte if we said we can live without cold coffee this summer. Chilled, refreshing and brew-tastic, we need our caffeine like we need oxygen. With cold coffee options including frappuccinos, hazelnut and mocha options and blended varieties with cookies and brownies. Our tastebuds are tingling already, and you’ll probably find us perched in one of these spots during this season.

Pour Me Some Bubbly

Taiwanese bubble tea is the latest addition to our summer list. Served warm or chilled, with a tea base and exotic fruit flavoured options, have everything from passion-fruit to Tapioca at these places. Pair this unique creation with your favourite snack for a wholesome outing, and let the bubbles in the tea help you feel lighter and happier in the glaring heat.

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