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Let Your Ice Cream Turn Into A Drama Queen, Courtesy Atomic 7 In Koramangala

Roshni posted on 26 August


Atomic 7, a new ice-cream parlour in town, brings the global trend of nitro ice creams to Koramangala.

Scoop Up

Red Berries, Green Apple

Sip On

You’ve got ice cream. What more can you possibly want?

Winning For

It’s all about the performance with this one. Plus, all that liquid nitrogen ends up in making the ice creams creamier than regular versions.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Calling themselves The Ice Cream Lab, Atomic 7 tries to recreate the look of a chemistry lab. Think an entire wall done up like a chalkboard, showing chemical processes, equations and diagrams. A few beakers and test tubes dot the counter, while their menu design reminds you of the periodic table. Apart from the high table and regular seating, there’s also a small landscaped area outside, if you’d like to enjoy your ice cream with a round of people-watching.

Smoky Spectacle

Inspired by the liquid nitrogen ice creams she tried during a trip to USA, city-based entrepreneur, Bela Gandhi decided to bring it to the ooru with Atomic 7. Sticking to simple flavours, they claim to use fresh ingredients and imported fruit purees for their instant ice creams. But we suggest you go there simply to see how your ice cream gets made.

Starting off with mixing the fresh cream and the pureee/flavours in a large bowl, the highlight is when the staff pours a small portion of liquid nitrogen {at minus 196 degrees Celsius!} into the bowl, instantly freezing the mixture. Amidst all the smoke and show that ensues, you get to watch on as the staff churns it into a creamy scoop! Almost like a lab experiment gone wild!

What’s On The Menu?

Creamier and more consistent in texture {no lumps or ice crystals here}, the nitro ice creams come in flavours like Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Kiwi and Banana Caramel. For all that drama, the end product and flavours are quite toned down, all served in waffle cones with toppings of your choice. We tried the Nutty Chocolate which was rich but slightly coarse with nutty bits. While we were intrigued by the Red Wine flavour, it proved a little too sweet. The Green Apple with its fresh and fruity taste would be our pick of the lot, or even the super creamy Red Berries.

So, We’re Thinking…

Atomic 7’s USP would be the whole experience of watching your frozen dessert being made, almost from scratch. Go here for the drama, we say!

Where: 226, 1st Cross, Someshwara Temple Rd, near New Arife Lamoulde, Koramangala 7th Block

Contact: 080 41610188

Price: INR 300 for two

Timings: noon-11pm

Find them on Facebook here.

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