Ten-Second Takeaway

Idiot Theory is for all idiots, really. Quirky one-liners, random art and fun colours are part of their collection. But we are swearing by their doodle books and mugs.

Draw A Monkey


Idiot Theory believes that even geniuses might have been idiots at some point in their life, or at least might’ve looked like idiots {read Newton sitting under a tree or cavemen rubbing two stones together}. Started by Arrnavb Mitraa {the idiot} and Meenakshy Mitra {the theory}, Idiot Theory is for everyone, doesn’t matter whether you’re an idiot or genius right? All their products feature people ranging from chaiwallahs to rickshawwallahs and even corrupt politicians. They house everything from kurtas to scarves, posters and art prints to even necklaces and pajamas {check these out in funky yellow and orange}!┬áBut what we love most here is their small assortment of doodlebooks, notebooks and mugs. They have stationery for everyone from Calcutta, Delhi and Bombay! All these books feature the quirky nitty-gritties of each city, doodled and drawn with a kaleidoscope of colours. You can check out the books here.

Sip Some Tea

Their mugs also have funky depictions of cities that can make those sullen mornings feel like a bright colourful umbrella! Please feel free to savour these beauties here. We also like that these are very reasonably priced. So now you know you can doodle away to glory while you sip your tea or coffee {depending on which world you belong to}.

Price: INR 159-299 {stationery} and INR 249 {mugs}

Check out their website here to shop online.

Contact: +91 9820188638

Find them on Facebook here.

Photos: Idiot Theory