This Artist's Illustrated Guide To Bangalore Will Make You Love Your City Again

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From Blossoms to Nagarjuna, Bangalore-based illustrator Shikha Nambiar has managed to chronicle the 30 most quintessential things about the city in the most adorable, creative way with her completely hand illustrated, pocket-sized guide to Bangalore.

A Loving Ode To Namma Bengaluru

This handy little guide is a list of all the places and food joints that make Bangalore the city it is. You can find adorable and detailed illustrations of iconic spots like the State Central Library in all its brick-red glory and Blossoms with its shelves of endless books in this 4 by 4 inch guide. The brainchild of Shikha Nambiar, a Bangalore-based illustrator {popularly known as @chicabeingme on Instagram}, this limited edition guide is a compilation of 30 illustrations of local spots, architecture, food joints and entertainment hubs of Bangalore. These illustrations are taken from her hugely popular Instagram project #100daysofbangalore that she had worked on in 2016. This precious little guide costs INR  300 and you can buy it here.

Adorable Stationery

Shikha is also the founder of the two-year-old stationery brand Sunny Skies Starry Eyes which is in the business of selling some seriously cute postcards, photo frames, diaries, bookmarks and fridge magnets. All their products feature Shikha’s signature style of illustration and draw inspiration from local art and environment. Shop her creations here. Bangalore: An Illustrated Guide is a self-published book, and will make for a lovely gift too. You can also check out some more of Shikha’s lovely work here.



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