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Come for the #WakeUpToOne Instawalk with Chumbak & LBB

Editors posted on 11 September

Ten Second Takeaway

Hola, shutterbugs! Chumbak with LBB is organising an Instawalk to find what you love waking up to!


Early mornings may not be a favourite of many, but we all have that one thing that we don’t mind waking up to—the smell of freshly roasted coffee, the cool morning breeze, or having our faces slobbered by our dogs {oh, our hearts melt just thinking about this!}. For this #WakeUpToOne Instawalk with Chumbak we invite all you Instagrammers to join us for a walk in the city to find and capture moments that interpret what you love for your mornings!

Why not now?

We are all too familiar with the Instagram addiction, so you can start posting your interpretations of the #WakeUpToOne hashtag right away. Chumbak will feature some of the best entries everyday till the walk, and who knows, your post may end up inspiring many others.

When: September 19, 9am

Where: Starts at Cubbon Park {exact location to be disclosed on confirmation!}