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Bangalore! Jack Daniel’s Global Barrel Hunt Is Here, And You're All Invited!

Abhijeet posted on 12th September

What Is It?

Jack Daniel’s distillery, the oldest registered distillery in the US, is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a global barrel hunt and 150 prize-filled barrels have been hidden in cities around the world, including our very own Bangalore. Each spot has been strategically chosen for changing and transforming in the past 150 years, and that goes for our city as well! When the barrel reaches its location, it will leave behind a trail for you to track. The clues on the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page will be your key to unlock the secrets. Crack the clues, remember the password, trace the hidden barrels and you get to claim them!

Who Is It For?

The barrel hunt is open to anyone who is a citizen of India and is above 25 years. All potential winners will be required to provide a proof of eligibility in the form of a valid state issued photo ID.

Why Should I Go for It?

Firstly, it isn’t every day that we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel’s. And secondly, we all love treasure hunts, don’t we? Especially, when the lucky barrel hunter gets featured alongside 149 other 'friends of Jack' worldwide on their global website. And if that isn’t enough, what will the winner find inside the barrel? Well, not Jack Daniel’s, but some prizes that are almost as good, including the barrel itself, a custom handcrafted oak wood bar kit created especially for the Barrel Hunt, invitation to Jack Daniel’s events and many other gifts.

So Bangalore, are you ready for the barrel hunt?

When: September 17

Where: Bangalore

Time: 10am onwards

To participate, follow Jack Daniel’s on Facebook here.

For more information on International Barrel Hunt, click here. For rules and regulations, click here.

This story is in partnership with Jack Daniel’s.