Aishan posted on 4th January

Plug In And Jam Your Heart Out At These Studios In Bangalore

Prepping for a gig but worried the neighbours might complain about the loudness? Have drums, but no space? Here are some spaces around the city where you can plug in, turn up the volume and let your instruments do all the talking.

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Innerspace Studios

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Astral Studios

Control Room Studios

The best thing about The Control Room is that you can jam here for free. There is one catch though – you’ll have to impress the folks here with your musical aptitude. Once you’ve passed the test, you can practise to you heart’s content in the jam room that can accommodate two guitars, a vocalist and a drummer. Also check out their production room if you’ve got more of an electronic slant.

Price: Free

Innerspace Studios

Among the highest rated recording studios and jam spaces, Innerspace is frequented by some of the most talented musicians in the city. Large enough to accommodate your whole band plus a friend, this place has some great equipment at hand, as well as an excellent recording studio. This place is about more than just music though, they also provide dance classes, yoga classes and photography services.

Price: INR 750 for an hour

Astral Studios

This studio gets a five star rating for a number of reasons. The acoustics of the place are near perfect and are constantly under improvement. They’ve got some killer equipment including top end instruments, mics and tube amps. The clincher – you can fit in a ten piece band!

Price: INR 500 and INR 850

Centerstage Studios

A large space replete with all the equipment you need to get going, Centerstage is a no-nonsense studio that’s all about one thing – jamming. The upside to this place is its roominess {it can fit 5 or 6 people with ease}, quite unlike the cramped spaces that one usually comes across.

Price: INR 500 for an hour


When you’re done jamming at their fully functional jam room, take a peek at their totally rad DJing and production equipment that’ll have you drooling. You could also sign up for their DJing classes or try your hand at the Electronic Music Production course {Ableton + Logic}.

Price: INR 199 an hour from Monday to Friday, INR 249 an hour on Saturday & Sunday

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