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Karate Heavyweight Judd Reid's Workshop Should Not Be Missed

Aakanksha posted on 4th October

What Is It?

It’s essentially a weekend of martial arts and training to push you to your limits, and to then, after all the blood, sweat and toil of the workshop, to make lifelong friends. But then again, that is what all of karate expert {that’s putting it mildly} Shihan Judd Reid’s sessions are all about. Apart from practical lessons and demos where in you’ll learn the basic concepts and techniques of Kyokushin Karate {full contact karate, founded in 1964 by Korean-Japanese Masutatsu Oyama}, there’s some stories to be heard from the maestro of the martial art.

Who Is It For?

While it may sound intense, and don’t get me wrong it is, but the training camp is open to everyone irrespective of age, style and fitness levels. So not to worry if you have absolutely no clue what we’re talking about. In fact, coming in with an open mind might just work in your favour. The introductory session will bring you up to speed and it’ll be a splendid start to learn strong fundamentals and technique.

Why Should I Go For It?

For those who are acquainted with the karate world, the reason you need to go is Judd Reid! For the uninitiated, the reason is also Judd Reid! Apart from being a direct disciple of the legendary Mas Oyama, and learning from the founder himself, he has earned several accolades including recently successfully completing the ultimate test of mental and physical endurance in Karate — the 100-man Kumite {or a 100 man fight} in Japan. Yes, he fights solo against 100 trained karate pros. So much enviable skill. This is what #lifegoals are folks! Sign-up now.

When: Friday, October 6 to Sunday, October 8

Where: Strike Fitness, No. 583, 8th Block, Koramangala, Opp. Bethany High School

Price: INR 5,000 including breakfast and lunch.

Contact: +91 7760497759

Find out more about the event here.

Feature Photo: Thailand Karate Camps

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