Just About Art Is Where You Need To Shop For Custom-Made Home Decor

    Available Online

    What Makes It Awesome

    Another online store that’s caught my fancy is Just About Art. Run by artists Diana Roberts and Nitish Mathew, these guys are into handpainted and upcycled wood art. Coasters, key holders, magnets, wall murals, and ceramic art are what you can order from these guys. They also do canvas paintings as well, so in case you fancy a few paintings around your house, you know who to reach out to, right?

    What Could Be Better?

    Their website isn’t updated in a while and the best way to reach them is via mail {reachjustaboutart@gmail.com} or their Facebook page, Just About Art Store.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Customisation is their forte, so in case you have designs in mind, hit them up.

    Anything Else?

    Do watch out for their pop ups at various flea markets across the city.
      Available Online