A Villa With An Infinity Pool In Lush Tangalle: Escape To This Tropical Vacay In Sri Lanka


    Say hello to peace, a tropical vibe and lots of pampering at The Kadju House, a chic and plush boutique villa at Tangalle in Southern Sri Lanka. The villa promises a return to nature, and the most amazing detox for city-weary travellers.

    Welcome To The Jungle

    Tangalle is Sri Lanka’s best kept secret — an oasis of unadulterated nature that hides in its folds stunning beaches, a playful ocean, swaying palms and an unhurried village existence that is in harmony with the elements. Kadju House perfectly captures the unspoilt beauty of these parts, a fine epitome of its habitat. The house merges with flora and fauna that will leave you spellbound — from fish eagles to parrots and monitor lizards, lush vegetation and tropical flowers, this is a natural Garden of Eden.

    Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Designed to reflect a sense of tropical tranquillity, The Kadju House marries a very modern and clean aesthetic with a respect for the environs and culture it resides in. Pradeep Kodikara was awarded the Bawa Award for Excellence in Architecture for the simple minimalist design. Simple and minimalistic, an unfettered construct seamlessly merges with the outdoors, providing a luxurious frame that looks out to stunning, panoramic views.The villa has four en-suite bedrooms an infinity pool and a spa service. The use of stone and wood, and subtle detailing add to an authenticity that we love. This feels like indulgence, but isn’t OTT and intimidating.

    Prepared to be Pampered

    Service here is discreet and personalised and will cater to every holiday whim. We enjoyed a delightful tea service as we watched the sunset over the sea, and quickly chased this with refreshing cocktails. A cinnamon-walled spa beckoned our aching souls, as did an infinity pool that almost seems to extend into the mighty ocean. A gourmet chef ensures that we are able to savour the flavours of the land — from piquant local curries to fresh catch from the sea, comforting appams and even colonial style lamb stews, making our gut as happy as our heart.

    Vantage Location

    You can choose to shake things up a bit, and allow Kadju House to help you explore the many splendours of the South and even the other parts of this diverse nation. From wildlife-filled jungles and parks {the neighbouring Yala National Park is rumoured to have the highest leopard density in the world!} to watching turtle hatching, blue whale spotting and tropical bird watching, there is enough and more at close quarters that you can make a quick day trip of.

    For some of us though, a delightful cooking class to learn local culinary secrets was the only diversion we are able to take from our weekend of chill.