Why You Have To Try The Freshly Baked Kashmiri Bread From This Whitefield Cafe

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Orzuv Hub in Whitefield specialises in Kashmiri cuisine, but what elevates their rich mutton gravies and sublime chicken curries, is their freshly baked Kashmiri breads. They even have a traditional kandur {aka baker} all the way from Kashmir, to bake beautiful and fresh breads.

Who Is It For?

Those who love breads, and also love mopping up meaty curries with chunks of bread or roti.  Or even with tea.

What's The Ambience Like?

Wooden floors, dim lighting and lots of knick knacks and comfortable seating make up this cafe on the first floor. There is also a boutique and a spa to check out downstairs, all with Kashmiri accents.

Must Try

The breads, of course. From the soft and fluffy Lavash, a really thin, unleavened bread to the sweet bread-like Girda cooked in the tandoor {tastes a lot like Khamiri roti, but is sweeter and smaller in size}. There is also the sesame crusted Czochworu, a Kashmiri donut meant to be eaten in the afternoon or evening and a Kulcha, a dry and crumbly bread. All these breads go very well with Kashmiri mains, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. But you can also try these breads slathered with butter, and a cup of nutty and sweet kahwa or the salty, pink noon chai, too.

How Was My Experience?

I loved the freshly-baked breads that accompanied my dinner here and would go back just to eat them again. The service is a bit slow, but rest assured everything is made fresh and from scratch, so the wait is well worth it.


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